Lyra is an AI entity providing you with Dynamically generated lyric sentences.

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Lyra is a bio-artifical intelligence which generates lyrics lines on the go
She tries to catch the spirit of the time, by looking for messages on twitter, news feeds and the whole net (with a little help of BING).
She then understands whether the lines are positive and negative, and prompts you the most extreme ones.
Lyra loves to help foster artist's creativity: both when they are alone writing on when performing by getting their crowd into the mix.
By using "crowd mode" just ask your crowd to navigate to to fuel words into Lyra and generate lyrics on the go.
Lyra was made with ♡ @ Abbey Road Red Hackaton 2018 by Michelangelo Guarise, Saga Arvidsdotter, Mona Lindgren, Eyrun Thrastardottir and Luis Anjos.
Lyra's source code can be found right here